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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
You've asked some great questions, so we wanted to share the answers!

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When will it ship?

More than likely it will ship the same day, however, late afternoon orders may not ship until the next day.

Do you need plugs?

We recommend that you treat the conduit in the same way you would with any other bender. If you use plugs currently on larger conduit, continue to do so.

How does
HotBend work?

HotBend works like a jet engine creating a 100 mph uniform blast of super-heated air.


What is the
heat capacity?

125,000 BTU

How much propane does it consume?

5.7 lbs. per hour

Can Hotbend
be repaired?

Yes! We can often troubleshoot over the phone. If you prefer, you can send it in for repair.


What does it include?

The gun with a quick disconnect, case, regulator with a gauge, 25 ft hose, and instruction manual.

What size pipe
will it bend?

½ “ to 8” (both schedule 40 and schedule 80)

What is the warranty?

One year parts, 120 days labor. For the full warranty, contact us.

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